A PAIR of dog walkers had to be rescued after becoming stranded at Canvey Point.

During Tuesday’s high tides, the coastguard spotted two people, as well as three dogs, trapped and unable to get back to dry land and in danger of being washed out to sea.

Thanks to help from Southend RNLI, Canvey’s coastguard team were able to rescue both residents and their dogs.

It is believed that the residents are regular walkers in the area, but were unaware of the high tides.

Canvey’s Coastguard teamshared a warning stating that extra caution should be taken around the coat with the tide expected to be higher than usual – adding the team would be patrolling.

Just a few hours later the fear had been realised and a rescue mission was required.

Neither dog walker was injured, but one was reportedly extremely cold due to strong winds and damp clothing and an ambulance attended.

A spokesman for the Canvey Coastguard said: “Whilst the team were out on a local patrol keeping an eye on the Island and its surroundings we spotted two people out on Canvey Point, just off the Island Yacth Club. With the high tides we’re having today they’d become cut off from the island and were unable to get back to dry land.

“We requested the Inshore Lifeboat from Southend RNLI to recover the two persons and their three dogs back to the Yacht Club where along with our colleagues from the East of England Ambulance Service the people where checked over.

“One of the walkers was extremely cold due to the high winds and damp clothing.

“We would urge anyone who spots anyone who seems to be in danger to call 999 at the earliest opportunity and ask for the Coastguard.”