ADORABLE pooches came together for a puppy party at a doggy daycare centre in Southend.

Fetch Dog Services, in Short Street, offer a large indoor park for dogs and provide daycare and training.

Owners Lucy and Laura Dixon are highly trained in animal behaviour and sciences, as well as dog training.


Puppy parties are aimed at puppies aged from 12 weeks - after their full vaccinations - up until five months, to enable them to be around other puppies and get used to new surroundings.

During a puppy party, dog specialists set out equipment for desensitisation, such as ball pits, walking planks, tunnels, snuffle mats and doggy bubbles, to introduce them to different levels, sounds and textures.


Staff are also on hand to give owners advice on positive play and ensuring their puppy gets the correct interaction.


Speaking of the event, which is held on the first weekend of every month, Laura Dixon, 27, co-owner at Fetch Dog Services, said: “Everyone really enjoyed it.


People love meeting other people that have dogs the same age, like new mums who meet up and talk about their babies.

“Lots of owners were chatting to each other about their pups and sharing tips.


As well as being a great place for dogs to socialise, the parties give owners the opportunity to ask us for advice on training, behaviour and nutrition.”

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