CHANNEL 4’s Hunted returns to TV screens tomorrow... and a Basildon bank worker will be hoping to evade capture.

Loren Hannon will aim to stay hidden for 25 days while a team of expert hunters search for those on the run.

The mortgage advisor is hoping to be in the running to win a share of the £100,000 winners’ pot. Loren, who stood as a UKIP candidate in Pitsea to seek election to Basildon Council in May last year, said: “I’m not naïve, it is going to be hard.

“Being away from home, personally I am going to find difficult. Others might not be the same, but that is the thing that I am going to find the hardest.

“But, I actually think it is going to be so much fun, because you are doing something that you have never done before.

“The exciting part for me is who I’m going to meet on the way, who is going to help me, what situations I’m going to be in, where am I going to go, what am I going to see?

“So, I’m not going to let it be a negative experience, I am just going to make the most of it. I think that it is going to be good.”

There is, though, one thing she fears - homesickness, adding: “I have never spent any time away from my mum, my nan and grandad.

"So it is more that I have no contact. But I am going to try my hardest not to let that trip me up.

“And for me, because I am very easy going, I will take it as it comes, I kind of like, wing life."

The 26-year-old said she wants to prove to herself she can do things on her own, having “always been with people”, adding: “Another thing that I like about it [is] we are so obsessed with computers, Facebook, and Instagram.

“I love outdoors, nature. So I am looking forward to fending for myself. No social media, just me, and meeting loads of random people, which is what I like.”

Despite not being completely in it for the money, she admitted it is a “good incentive”.

She added: “The money could really change your life [and] if I got to day 25 and I got caught, I would be absolutely devastated, because I didn’t win.”

“But I would be happy because 25 days is a good amount of time to really have the full experience and to have a good routine and change your perception of things.”