A CHARITY therapy garden has been targeted twice in a matter of weeks.

In the latest raid on the Trust Links Growing Together Garden, in Elm Road, Shoebury, yobs slashed a plastic green house and set fire to children’s books and toys.

Three men forced their way into the garden between Saturday, December 1 and Monday December 3.

The raid follows a spate of break-ins and vandalism at the site.

Gareth Evans, 33, charity manager, said: “When we came in on the Tuesday we found the damage and spent most of the day watching the CCTV.

“Our plastic polytunnel green house area was quite badly damaged with about three or four cuts into it. Replacing or patching that up will be a nightmare.

“The thing that’s most worrying for us is that it seems to be escalating with them starting fires during the latest incident.

“We are bitterly disappointed that people are doing this.

“Seeing a pile of children’s books burnt when they know they are used for school children was very disappointing. We think they started a fire and tried to spread it as we found a burnt tea towel in a plastic bottle.”

The garden was also targeted on Sunday, November 25 when yobs destroyed wooden structures and through potted plans around the site.

Mr Evans previously said the charity has invested about £900 in security cameras following break-ins in January but is concerned even that coverage does not appear to deter the people the yobs.

The charity has taken to Facebook to call for help with donations following the raids.

Trust Links is a mental health and wellbeing charity which support people with mental health problems.

It provides a range of services, including therapeutic gardening through the Growing Together projects.

Essex Police confirmed officers are investigating and anyone with information should call 101.

To donate go to www.trustlinks.org.