A PANTOMIME has released the date for this year relaxed and charity performance.

Following the success of the Towngate Theatre’s Charity Performances of Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin, once again the theatre will be opening its doors for a very special performance of the pantomime, which is for the sole purpose of welcoming those who would not usually be able to join in the festivities of panto.

This year the theatre is proud to present the magical tale of Snow White, and the charity performance will be held on Monday December 10 at 5pm at the theatre in Basildon.

This will also be a relaxed performance of the pantomime, where there will be a calmer setting for the performance and the Theatre to suit the occasion.

The theatre announcements will be minimal to none, the house lights will stay up at around 50 per cent and many of the bumps and jumps throughout the performance will be edited so that the performance is accessible to all.

As per previous years, the theatre has invited charities who are dedicated to supporting various causes from all across Essex to join us during for this pantomime season.

For more on the performance see www.towngatetheatre.co.uk/