A CHARITY shop has been forced to close completely after a builder left the premises in an irreparable condition.

The Fundraising Shop will be forced to close after the owners paid £9,300 to a builder for an extension which has never been completed.

The shop, in Sutton Road, Southend, is run by Sarah Riley and is used as a fundraising space for different charities each year.

But now she will be forced to shut up shop after four years due to the damage and disruption caused.

Mark Bradley, Ms Riley’s step father, had hired Pankhurst Property Development to build an extension to the back of the store, having already paid £9,300, but the work which has been done has ruined the building.

He said: “We initially hired Pankhurst and they seemed very genuine and interested at the start. We agreed a payment plan and work began in June. However, the work that has been done is appalling. An initial concrete floor was laid, an out of building toilet was taken up and placed inside, but he hasn’t attached it properly to the wall or ground.

“It’s now sat in the middle of the back room and can’t be connected properly.

“He also fitted a drainage pipe system from the new floor and up the side of the building. But he’s done it the wrong way, and now all drainage comes out on the side of the wall and has caused mould and damp to ours and the neighbouring property.

“The worst thing is he fitted that before concreting over it, so now we can’t get it out.”

Mr Bradley, of Hamstell Road, Southend, claimed the company abandoned the project with no explanation and he wants compensation for the cash already paid.

“It’s unbelievable, no one can look at this and say any work of value has been done.”

Pankhurst Property Development is listed as permanently closed online, with company numbers coming back invalid.

The firm could not be reached for comment.