A BUSINESSMAN has written to Essex Highways bosses calling for action to improve the safety of the A13 after one of his staff was killed.

A woman in her 50s was struck by a car and killed on the road between the Five Bells and Pitsea junctions on Wednesday last week.

The woman worked for The Finishing Line, based in the industrial estate to the south of the road, and was crossing the road to get to work when she was killed.

Andy Mead, managing director, said he had been asking for more safety measures for years, and has now written to roads chiefs and Essex county councillors requesting a meeting.

He wrote: “You may already be aware but it is with extreme sadness that I have to tell you that last Wednesday my worst fears came true and that a much loved, long-standing member of my company was tragically killed crossing this road.

“I believe that this was completely avoidable had my concerns been taken seriously when I raised them with Essex County Council more than three years ago.

“I have previously been advised that we should provide transport for our staff; well in actual fact we do but cannot force people to use it. A visit to our company at least would have been more helpful so that the problem could have been assessed first-hand.”

The Finishing Line employs 250 workers, and does offer a shuttle bus service to transport people to and from the estate.

The woman has not been named by the company, but Mr Mead previously paid tribute to her as a “hardworking, valued member” of the team.

She is the second worker from the industrial estate to become a victim of the road, as another worker suffered life-changing injuries after being hit by a car in December 2016.

He said he will continue to push for improved safety measures on the A13 to ensure no more of his staff suffer the same fate.

He called on County Hall to take decisive action to prevent future tragedies occurring, saying the route should be closed as a pedestrian trail until it can be made a safe place to cross.

He said: “There are 13 lights not working over the crossing (central reservation) and there is a redundant road sign obstructing the path.

“The safety of my people is my number one priority and I can assure you that I will not rest until road safety is adequately improved and something positive comes from the death of this wife, mother and grandmother. When will a councillor with the authority to demonstrate real leadership come and meet with me and my representatives here?”