The Guardian Angels are keen to launch patrols on Canvey to help combat the rising tide of trouble, but insist they need more resident backing first.

They arranged an initial day-time patrol and Q&A session on Saturday.

However, just four residents turned up to talk with them, leading the group’s organisers to call for more support.

Guardian Angel groups have already been set up in areas of Basildon and Southend, and are regularly seen patrolling in their identifiable red berets and uniforms.

One member of the group took to Facebook to say: “Just popped by to give an update on Saturday’s Walkthrough.

“The GA’s arrived at 10am to meet with you. Unfortunately only four people attended at that time.

“We can not do this without you Canvey.

“We have responded to your requests and arranged a meet and greet, but the attendance was very low.

“So it’s over to you now Canvey let the Angels know what you would like them to do for you.

“We came because residents were asking us and they assumed at least a tiny fraction of residents would step up, but the island is not ready.

“We are waiting for your ideas and support. This group won’t work without you.”

This is the latest scheme to be pitched, which has also seen Canvey Town Council explore the possibility of funding additional specials and the suggestion of a private security firm being hired to protect islanders.

While Mark McQuade, of the Canvey local policing team, previously encouraged parents to know exactly what their children are doing - and where they are.

Just in the last week, a dispersal order was put in place in the town centre after a large group of youths aimed fireworks at police officers during a night of unruly behaviour which lasted through the night.

While a 60-strong mob were also accused of terrorising residents with fireworks.

Essex Police have said although they know community safety is a top priority for residents, they want to encourage people to do that through joining their Active Citizen scheme.

Find UK Guardian Angels Canvey Patrol Group on Facebook.