A RAPIST jailed for sexually abusing young boys has been told he will never work as a solicitor again.

Glen Bartlett, 61, of Downhall Park Way, Rayleigh, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being convicted of multiple charges of male rape and indecent assault on boys aged under 16 in December 2017.

But new details have come to light after a hearing of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal ruled to bar him from ever practising again.

The offences relate to two boys under 16 who were abused between the late 1970s and the 1980s.

Following a day-long trial at Norwich Crown Court, Bartlett was found guilty of all offences last September.

After his sentencing, Bartlett was described by investigating officers as “a dangerous abuser who preyed on vulnerable young boys for several years”.

In the report, published by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, the panel heard that Bartlett raped his first victim “at least 12 times a year on at least 60 occasions in total”.

The judgement stated during the trial this victim was described as “particularly vulnerable due to his youth and personal circumstances”.

It added: “The judge found that Person A had been profoundly adversely affected by the respondent’s behaviour.

“And that the effects began when Person A was a young boy and persisted at the date of sentencing.

“The respondent had cynically groomed Person A and the campaign of abuse was carefully planned.

“The judge found that the respondent rendered Person A fearful of the consequences of speaking out through threats and emotional manipulation.

“As time passed, the respondent reminded Person A of the respondent’s status as a solicitor.

“This was in order to leave him with the enduring impression that the respondent’s word would be accepted over his.”

The panel heard Bartlett indecently assaulted his second victim when he was a teenager.

But despite his conviction, Bartlett maintained he was not guilty of all the criminal offences he had been convicted of - and has vowed to launch an appeal.

The judgement stated: “The respondent stated he was endeavouring to mount possible grounds of appeal against the conviction, but that these were at the moment at an early stage and could take some considerable time.

“He did not state what the grounds would be.”

Calling for Bartlett to be struck off, the Solicitors Regulation Authority said: “The respondent’s conduct was sustained and repetitive.

“In relation to Person A, this was preceded by additional degrading acts.

“[The judge] found that the respondent had used his position as a trainee solicitor, and subsequently as a solicitor, to both hide his actions and prevent Person A from speaking out.”

Bartlett was struck off the solicitors register and ordered Bartlett, who continues to maintain a property and who the panel say has considerable assets of £983,665, to pay costs of £3,132,35.