WHEN 33-year-old Daniel Wilson fell down an escalator on London’s underground, he never thought he would soon become paralysed.

In fact, he walked home but the pain in his spine forced him to visit his GP and a scan revealed he had a spinal injury.

After three months, his right foot went numb, before the numbness spread to his whole leg.

He underwent a number of operations, but a bleed in his femoral artery which clotted in his spine caused total paralysis.

Daniel, from Basildon, said: “It was during my time at the spinal rehabilitation unit at Stanmore Hospital that I was told about Sportability.

“Eight weeks after being discharged I went on my first Sportability event.

“Thanks to this charity, I have now flown a glider, been quad biking, blokarting, sailing, canoeing, waterskiing and shooting.

“I have even done archery and flown a light aircraft - the list goes on!

“I have also taken up wheelchair tennis and competed in the Roma Sport National Series in August 2018 and won a gold medal.”

Sportability is a charity which aims to take the “dis” out of “disability” and bring sports and challenging pursuits to people with paralysis.

It organises events and activities across the country for people with paralysis to enjoy.

Daniel said the charity had been life changing and gives him something to look forward to.

He added: “Sportability has had a huge impact on my life, reminding me physically of what I can still do and in most cases showing me something I never thought I could do.

“It’s gives me something to look forward to, an exciting opportunity to try new sports and to meet new people who are in a similar situation but who also have the drive to be active.

“During the events it’s just so friendly and welcoming - 100 per cent inclusive to all abilities.

“After the events I am just on a high.

“I am relaxed, happy and content and have a feeling of total pride and achievement.

“This feeling can last from a day or up to a whole week.

“I cannot fully explain it.

“I feel like I can do anything, which is true, I can do anything.

“Sportability gives me that feeling every time I do their events.

“I am so grateful to them, being a great source of rehabilitation and an excellent focus so soon after my injury.

“Thank you Sportability for being such a positive influence on my new life.”

For more information about the charity and how it can help you or anyone you know, visit sportability.org.uk