A TODDLER who was struggling to breathe has been saved by a life-changing vest.

Devoted mum Kerry said the words “thank you” are not enough to convey her appreciation for all who helped improve life for her two-year-old daughter Annabelle, by raising the money for the equipment.

Annabelle Smith, from Pitsea, has Cystic Fibrosis, and struggles to breath due to the mucous building up on her lungs.

The vest dislodges the build up and clears the airways meaning a brighter future ahead for Annabelle.

Kerry, 32, said: “It was delivered in the middle of last week and then we had to wait for someone to come and set it up for Annabelle.

“I could not believe how quickly we raised the money in the first place.

“I had raised £1,900 for it and then a charity came in and raised the £5,100 we needed to buy it.

“You know when someone does something for you and you want to say thank you, but that just does not really cover it, that is how I felt.”

Kerry launched a fundraiser in August to help fund the vest for Annabelle.

The Echo joined the appeal and supported Kerry during the campaign.

In the middle of September the charity Wipe Away Those Tears hosted a fundraiser to raise the remaining money.

The Essex-based charity raises funds for children who are terminally ill or suffering with a serious illness.

Annabelle was diagnosed after she was treated in Great Ormand Street Hospital.

Since then Kerry has been supported by a network of parents online who have children with the same condition.

The physio vest vibrates the chest and can be used alongside breathing sessions which Annabelle does daily to help her breathing.

Kerry said: “I think this device is going to make all the difference for Annabelle.

“She has only just started coughing up mucous.

“They are mainly used outside of Britain and many patients in America use them.” Annabelle is now getting used to wearing it on a daily basis.