CHILDREN at a Basildon school explored the diverse faiths across the globe as part of their religious studies.

Phoenix Primary School and Nursery in Leinster Road’s Year Four and Five pupils met Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims to speak about their beliefs, celebrations and ceremonies.

The event, named Religions of the World Day, saw the students speak to Buddhist Monk Chandaloka Thero from the Mahamevnawa Meditation Centre to learn more about his faith and how Buddhism was founded.

They also learned more about the Christian faith, meeting Reverend Stuart Hull to find out more about the Church of England.

The children tried the traditional food of each faith, and wore the religious clothes also to understand the importance of each type of dress within the religion.

Religious artifacts were also on show for the children to see.

Teaching staff at the school were very proud of how the children behaved on the day and how willing they were to learn about the diverse faiths.

Amanda Taylor, vocational leader at the school, said: “It was wonderful for the children to see people from different faiths come together to share information about their own religion.

“The whole day had a real sense of community about it, which is great for our pupils to feel part of.”