A FAMILY spoke of their desperation for answers after a much-loved wife and mother disappeared without trace 15 months ago.

Patricia Finnie, of Linnet Close, Shoebury, had been visiting a friend in Riviera Drive, Southend, on May 11, 2017, and left the home between 12.45pm and 1.15pm.

She has not been seen since.

Fifteen months later, her family are still tirelessly trying to trace her movements in hope of determining what has happened to her.

Her husband, Gordon Finnie, said: “It has been extremely difficult but we have kept ourselves occupied looking for answers and going to see her mum in Scotland who has since passed away.

“There is not a place in the borough that we haven’t searched. In every park or piece of land we have looked for her.

“We need answers - whatever has happened, we need to know. If it comes out she has died, it will hit us like a sledgehammer but we don’t have closure at the moment.”

Gordon believes Patricia was in a vulnerable state when she went missing after months of difficulties with her mother and Gordon’s own health problems.

Pat has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse in the past and this was worsening in the months prior to her disappearance.

Son Matt, 29, said: “She had medication for her blood pressure, her heart and cholesterol and also had pain medication after she recently broke her ankle. Only the painkillers are missing.”

Gordon, 66, added: “That is why we are gravely concerned for her.

“What comes next we don’t know but we really would want anyone who has even the slightest inclination to come forward because the worst thing is not knowing.”

Her bank accounts have not been touched, her clothes remain in the wardrobe and no documents have been moved.

The only lead was a single ping off a mobile phone tower in Shoebury more than a year ago.

Her family raised concerns about Essex Police failing to check CCTV on buses before footage was wiped.

Matt said: “They didn’t check CCTV and that is no longer available because it is disposed of within six days. Had they done that, they might have found her.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We remain committed to finding Patricia Finnie and would urge anyone with any information about where she is to come forward.

“We continue to carry out a thorough investigation into her disappearance and so far have viewed hours of CCTV footage, carried out extensive house-to-house enquiries and phone work, as well as enquiries with bus and rail companies, and a number of media appeals for information.

“It took time to build a picture of her movements immediately after she was last seen.”

Anyone with information call police on 101.