SOUTHEND Council has reassured the community following reports 62 needles had been found in a children’s rock pool.

James Courtenay, councillor for growth, said: “We are aware of a widely circulated post on Facebook that numerous needles were found at Southend’s popular seafront lagoon.

“The lagoon is regularly inspected and cleaned, and our foreshore team who looks after the lagoon are not aware of any needles being recovered, let alone 62.

“We take reports of discarded needles very seriously, and send out specialist staff to safely dispose of them and record the incident. They have had no reports of needles in there.

"We would like to remind all visitors, however, that the seafront lagoon is not a swimming pool but part of the seafront, so may contain sharp shells and stones as well as marine creatures, such as crabs and jellyfish.

"We advise anyone visiting to take sensible precautions, such as wearing jelly shoes, supervising children at all times and not climbing on rocks.”

Report needles to the council on 01702 215006.