A sex offender who is on the run after failing to comply with probation requirements is due to feature on Sky’s One Day of Crime today.

Levi Paige, 52, was released from prison on March 14, 2017, and was taken to an approved premises - such as a bail hostel.

He was last seen on March 16, 2017, when he was authorised to go to Southend Police Station and collect some property.

He has not been seen since and Essex Police's significant enquiries to find him have been unsuccessful.

Paige, who also goes by the name of Michael Clough, is described as white, 5'7'' in height with a slim build and brown hair.

He has a Yorkshire accent and tattoos on his neck and arms.

He is known to frequent the Southend area where he has been known to sleep in tents. However Paige is also believed to have travelled across the country in the past.

Anyone who has seen Paige or has information on where he might be should call Essex Police on 101.

To find Paige on Sky’s wanted gallery, visit: https://news.sky.com/feature/can-you-help-find-these-men-11448424