A council has admitted fault in the circumstances surrounding a wall collapse which left a young girl with a traumatic brain injury.

The six-year-old girl was left critically ill in hospital after a six-foot wall collapsed on her in Fleetway, Vange, two years ago.

She suffered a serious head injury which left her with brain damage.

This morning, Basildon Council pleaded guilty at Basildon Crown Court, to one breach of health and safety regulations - specifically a failure to discharge its duty to protect the health and safety of persons other than its employees.

The court heard Basildon Council failed to maintain and repair the wall between October 2014 and August 2016.

Defending barrister Christian DuCann told judge John Lodge the council had decided to plead guilty to the charge after new evidence came to light "fairly recently".

When enquiring about a medical update on the child, Mr DuCann said: "The child is currently attending mainstream school and is doing exceptionally well."

Judge Lodge said: "If I can express from the bench my delight at that news, I'm incredibly happy about that."

A provisional sentencing date was set for December 19 at the same court.

It was also stated a concurrent civil suit was underway.

A spokesman for Basildon Council said: "Basildon Council today entered a guilty plea in Basildon Crown Court in response to a HSE prosecution following an incident in 2016.

"The charge was of failing to discharge the duty to conduct the maintenance and repair of boundary walls, in such a way as to ensure others were not exposed to risks to their health and safety.

"Since the incident, which occurred at property not owned by the council but adjacent to a council property, we have taken numerous steps to increase checks and tighten our own reporting processes.

"We have also reminded all residents, including those who own their own homes or rent from the council and other landlords, how to check the safety of their walls and to report any concerns.

"The council will be sentenced at a hearing in December, so it would not be appropriate to comment further on the details of the case at this time."