A TEENAGE girl was attacked by a gang of youths at a popular park.

The 15-year-old was beaten and robbed at Gloucester Park, Basildon, on Tuesday in an unprovoked attack.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We were called just before 8.25pm on Tuesday, August 7, to reports of a robbery in Gloucester Park.

“Three teenage girls were approached by another group and were assaulted by three girls from this group.

“One teenager also had her purse stolen.

“Officers continue to investigate this incident and are making further enquiries.”

The incident has raised concerns about attacks on young people in open spaces in the town.

Councillors and community leaders are calling for action to deal with a perceived rise in crime in Basildon parks.

Southend Standard:

Imelda Clancy, Independent councillor for Langdon Hills claimed some parks at some times are becoming “no go zones” and nobody should go to parks alone.

She said: “I think we need to have police patrolling, that’s what they are paid for and I don’t want to hear about issues with staffing levels.

“They know there’s a problem so they should send out officers.

“The numbers of incidents would go down if we had police patrolling our parks.

“These people who are committing these crimes know they are safe.

“I do not think it is safe for people in our parks.

“If I was a parent I would not let a child under 13 go to the park unless they were with me or a responsible adult.

“Children over 13 should go with a buddy.”

It follows a robbery late last month in Northlands Park and an attempted robbery at Mill Meadows nature reserve. The incidents are not connected but have raised fears about criminals targeting young people in parks. Anyone with information call 101 quoting incident 1335 of 07/08.