A VITAL meeting on Basildon's housing plan was adjourned after 350 people were left out in the cold.

Basildon Council's infrastructure growth and development committee was due to meet discuss the borough's local plan, and potentially approve the housing plan, so it could be presented to full council on March 22.

Queues stretched around the Towngate Theatre ahead of the meeting, and roughly 350 people were left standing outside as the venue reached its 200 person capacity. 

Initially, a motion was tabled for the meeting to be adjourned, but the committee voted in favour of continuing, despite calls of disgust from the audience.


10 minutes later a short recess was called, and as it emerged that many of those 350 people remained outside the venue, with doors locked and police on the scene, the decision was made to adjourn the meeting until March 19.


Calling for the meeting to be adjourned, councillor Kevin Blake said: "You have already alluded to the fact that this is a vitally important meeting, and that councillors had to take into account that a generattion at least will be affected.


"You also said what a strong turnout it is, in fact it is such a good turn out that people are standing outside after not being allowed in.


"Not allowing those members of the public to participate in this meeting, not allowing them to give any of their comments on such a matter is fundamentally undemocratic and I would recommend this meeting would be reconvened so all of the people who have taken the time to have their voices heard, can be heard."