PLANS have been thrown out to convert an off licence into a fish and chip shop on the grounds of noise pollution and potential bad smells.

The applicant, Sinan Unlu, submitted a proposal to convert the shop, Canvey Office, on 242 Furtherwick Road, into a takeaway. The proposed opening hours were from 11am until 11pm, Monday to Saturday.

Officers at Castle Point Council refused the plans saying the applicants’ proposed design of the extraction duct will cause an odour that would distress neighbouring retailers.

Officers also said the shop would attract more cars to the area and cause an inconvenient traffic congestion.

The report stated: “The proposed extraction duct, due to its position and insufficient discharge height, is likely to give rise to noise and odour nuisance to occupiers of surrounding residential properties.

“The proposal is likely to lead to increased parking in the area, particularly in the evenings which would exacerbate existing problems experienced by surrounding residents in terms of obstruction of access to their properties via Ashingdale Close.

“Futhermore, such parking, by reason of the time when ambient noise levels are quieter, it is also likely to cause noise and disturbance to residents due to vehicle engines being stopped/started or left running while customers collect food.”

Mr Unlu’s plans were also panned by residents who strongly objected.

They complained that the hot food shop would disturb residents due to noise from increased traffic, smells and additional, unnecessary parking in the area.

They were also worried about the danger of greasy surfaces, obstruction of access to properties, increased rubbish in the area and hygiene problems as the toilet facilities will be located in the alleyway.

The applicant also failed the council’s environment team’s assessment. Officers said: “The proposed extraction duct is likely to amount to a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in terms of both noise and odour. The proposed opening times are not appropriate given the location of the shop and the close proximity of residential premises.”