The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Jeremy Hunt, paid a visit to Tilbury to check out the site where the new medical centre is set to be built.

Mr Hunt voiced his "excitement" for the plans.

Speaking with us, he said: "What you have got in Tilbury is something I am going to ask the NHS to follow which is a total transformation of GP services.

"The way the whole NHS is working is that we are moving towards a principle that prevention is better than cure, which means that we need to totally reinvigorate GP services.

"Everywhere in the country it's difficult to recruit new GPs, but in Tilbury there is actually something being done about it."

Mr Hunt toured the site and then tucked into some Indian food at 10 Dining.

He was met by the business owner, Dr Shejal Patel, who also has a dentist surgery a few doors down on the Civic Square.

Speaking after her discussion with Mr Hunt, Dr Patel said: "It was privilege to have Jeremy Hunt in my restuarant, and I understand he came to visit a new medical centre which will be great for the people of Tilbury.

But she also commented on the increasing struggles she faces as a dentist who looks after NHS patients.

She said: "There is a lack of funding and we are often penalised as dentists.

"Patients feel we're not doing enough for them but there is not the funding available."