A TERRIFIED woman said she narrowly escaped death after a careless driver smashed into her car, causing it almost to career into someone’s home.

Doreen Archer, 62, of Shirley Avenue, Leigh, was in her car travelling along Oakwood Avenue, when it was suddenly hit by another car coming out of Briarwood Road.

Mrs Archer said the force of the crash meant that the seat belt cut into her stomach.

She also suffered had four broken fingers and chest pain.

Her husband, Chris, 60, who was driving at the time, was treated for whiplash.

Mrs Archer said that her injuries could have been a lot worse.

She said: “I was absolutely terrified by what happened. If it wasn’t for seatbelts and air bags who knows what would’ve happened.

“I was so scared that I couldn’t get out of the car. The front part of the car was smoking and I thought it could have set on fire. It could’ve been the end.

“The force of the crash sent us across the road and nearly into a person’s house. The owner of the house came out and asked us if we were OK. She also told us she’s already had her wall smashed three times due to car accidents on this road.”

Mrs Archer said she wanted to thank everybody for their help at the scene, including police officers, paramedics and neighbours.

She said: “Neighbours came out to help us out, they comforted us and provided us with blankets and made sure we were OK. They waited with us until police and ambulance arrived.

“We were just so shocked, we were yelling at the driver for his carelessness. He was concerned for our welfare.

“We want to thank everyone for their support. We want to thank, in particular, a gentleman who was driving in a red car at the time. He took control of the situation and instructed neighbours to contact police and ambulance.

“When police arrived he left. We just want to thank him for kindly helping us.”

Mrs Archer said Oakwood Avenue is an accident prone road, and she has contacted Southend Council to improve traffic provisions.

She said: “There has been so many accidents on the road because people use it to get onto the A127. And there are cars parked on both sides of the road which causes blindspots.”

An ambulance spokesman confirmed they attended the scene.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We were called to reports of a collision involving two vehicles in Briarwood Drive, Leigh, at around 4.15pm on Friday.

“A woman was taken to hospital for treatment for injuries to her wrist and stomach. One person has been reported for careless driving.”