THERE are plenty of good reasons to pursue a career in teaching.

There’s no such thing as a typical day in teaching. Every lesson is different and every pupil comes with their own unique set of talents and challenges. It’s a job that really makes a difference to children’s lives – as a teacher your job is to unlock and develop your pupils’ talents and capabilities and share with them your passion for your subject. A great teacher will never be forgotten by their pupils and has the power to transform their lives.

From a professional point of view teaching offers great career prospects. The world will always need teachers and those who in specialise in subjects such as maths are in high demand. Nine out of ten newly qualified teachers are employed within six months of completing their training in the UK. And 70 per cent remain in the profession after five years.

Teachers earn a competitive salary and have access to a generous pension and up to 13 weeks of holiday allowance. Currently the starting salary for a newly-qualified teacher is at least £22,467, or £28,098 in inner London. Head teachers in inner London can earn as much as £115,582.

Unlike for many careers there is plenty of financial support available for those who apply for teacher training. If you have a first, 2:1 or 2:2 you may be able to apply for a £25,000 bursary to pay for your teaching. If you are not eligible for a bursary then tuition fee and maintenance loans are available. Alternatively you can earn a salary while you are training on the School Direct course.

And for those who would like to teach abroad, the world is your oyster. Teaching is a highly portable career. You can take it anywhere. Once you’ve qualified and have experience under your belt you may opt to teach in an English language school abroad.