A new community centre could be built on the old Warrior Square swimming pool site or part of the flattened Queensway Estate.

The Labour group on Southend Council wants to bring a community centre back to the town centre less than a year after the Focus Centre closed down.

The group has revealed some of the possible sites for a new centre, including the old Warrior Square swimming pool site, and the recently-flattened parts of the Queensway estate, or even leasing empty shops off landlords.

Ian Gilbert, Labour leader and deputy leader of the council, is looking at the proposals because there are no community or youth centres in Southend town centre.

Mr Gilbert, who represents Victoria ward, said: “It is certainlymy opinion there is a need for a facility like this in the town centre, especially after Focus House closed down. It has been one of our priorities, but we need to know what people think and we will be launching a consultation soon to establish what kind of need there is.

“If we were to go down the route of building a new community centre, then we’d perhaps look to do it with a partner. Land is a big cost, but I’m talking about land we already own.”

Land behind Quantock tower block, in Queensway, could be used, as could the empty plot where the Warrior Square swimming pool, which closed in 2010, once stood.

The consultation is expected to be sent out in the coming months, and that will influence what type of facilities a new centre could offer.

Mr Gilbert claims any new build could be funded by cash from developers, or even partly funded by a development partner.

Fellow Labour councillor Julian Ware-Lane, who represents the Milton ward in the town centre, added: “I would like an old-fashioned community centre, a multi-use facility for young people as we have none in the town centre.”