THE Echo is today backing a new appeal at Southend Hospital to raise £600,000 to allow surgeons to perform keyhole surgery in 21st-century conditions.

Laporoscopic surgery has become a mainstay of surgical procedures, allowing a range of conditions to be treated with tiny incisions, rather than patients undergoing debilitating open surgery.

Southend Hospital’s Charitable Foundation has launched the new Keyhole Cancer Appeal to pay for a new state-of-the-art keyhole surgery theatre suite, which is being supported by the Echo.

We are urging our generous readers to  get behind the campaign. You can donate here: Keyhole Cancer appeal - Echo donation form.doc

The appeal will enable surgeons to perform the latest and most complex keyhole procedures for patients undergoing cancer and general surgery. At the heart of the new theatre will be some of the most advanced camera systems in Europe.

Hundreds of Southend patients are likely to benefit each year, including those suffering with bowel and prostate cancer, or gynaecological conditions.