DEVELOPERS have been criticised for trying to cram 38 flats on the site of a Leigh used car dealer.

Councillors are due to vote on Wednesday on developer Emex International’s plans for the site, on the corner of Leigh Road and Darlinghurst Grove.

Planners are recommending them to turn down the proposals on the grounds the three and four-storey development would blight the area.

Concerns have also been raised about traffic, as the junction is a notorious accident blackspot and on one of fire crews’ main routes between Leigh fire station and London Road.

James Courtenay, Tory councillor for Blenheim Park said: “This site needs regeneration.

Sadly, however, what is happening here is a developer getting greedy and wanting to build a huge structure well out of keeping with the area.”

A total of 23 neighbours have objected to the plans.

One of them, Lee Irwin, 39, of Darlinghurst Grove, said: “Because of the size of the development, I struggle to see any positives it would be bring.

“A four-storey building will have a dramatic impact on people’s privacy. It’s just a case of developers being greedy and wanting to cram in as much as possible.

“We’re not opposed to development, but considering how busy it is down here already, it would mean that the traffic would be bedlam.”

The application also includes what is described as a commercial unit, but Emex has refused to tell neighbours what business might move in there.

A total of 58 parking spaces are included for the flats, which would be a mixture of one, two and three-bedroom properties.

Eight of them would be offered for rent as affordable homes.

A 49-year-old London Road resident, who only wanted to be named as Michael, said: “It’s another typical example of a developer trying to maximise its profits.

“It’s a really dangerous junction.

I’ve been out to three crashes there in the past year, and more vehicles will just add to it. I want the site developed but this isn’t the right development.”