POLICE closed a section of Southend seafront after a man fell from the Pier Hill lift walkway.

Emergency services are at the scene in Western Esplanade dealing with the incident which happened shortly before 10am.

The road was closed west of the lift and the entrance to the lift leading to the High Street was also closed.

Emergency services have removed the body from the scene and police officers were seen with a tapemeasure, assessing the height of the fall.

Brian Barley, owner of the Waterfront Cafe in Western Esplanade, said: "The paramedic put her heart and soul into reviving the guy, but it looks like it was no good.

"The body was just lying there with a sheet over it, it's not very dignified is it?

"I was just having a cup of tea and heard all the police cars screaming past.

"We saw a couple of other cars at the scene and thought someone had been knocked down at first but then we heard someone might have jumped."

The road has now been reopened and the lift is working as normal