A BOY aged 14 was left with a black eye and a head injury as a teenage foam party at Kids Kingdom descended into chaos.

Police were called to the party for 11 to 16-year-olds at the venue in Eastern Avenue, Southend, after a fight.

Owner Ian Trask said trouble broke out 30 minutes before the end of the two-hour event, which should have included a fun foam party for nearly 200 youngsters.

He was forced to cancel the foam and eject the troublemakers and has nowwarned the regular party nights may have to be cancelled.

He said: “For no obvious reason, about a dozen teenagers decided to start an inter-school altercation.

“The rest of the team and I were dealing with it and everyone thought it would be safer not use the foam. The group who caused the trouble were asked to leave. We called police as a guy got a black eye.

“We’ve been running these nights for two years and this the first issue we have had. We’ve spoken to police and hope a PCSO will attend the next one, just in case. If it happens again I might have to stop the nights. It is shame that a small number of people spoilt it for the majority.”

A parent claimed her daughter was also ejected, even though she wasn’t involved in the trouble.

Linda Plant, from Parkanaur, Thorpe Bay, said 11-year-old, Isabelle, wouldn’t be going back.

Mrs Plant said: “I won’t allow her to go to Kids Kingdom again.

It was supposed to be a foam party and they didn’t even have that.”

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating an assault on a boy at 8.45pm on June 27. He received swelling to the face and a lump to the back of his head.

We are waiting to speak to a number of witnesses.

“Anyone with information should call Southend Police on 101.”

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