A GROUP of walkers from Leigh got a right royal surprise when they bumped into Prince Charles while on a sightseeing trip to Romania.

Members of Leigh’s Traditional Touring Club were onaweek-long trip abroad when they spotted the future king walking out of a church in Brasov.

The Prince was on a private trip to Romania, where he is believed to own property.

The group were enjoying their trip walking in the mountains, but enjoyed it even more when the Prince of Wales popped over to say hello.

Shirley Gibson, 68, of Leighton Avenue, said: “We were standing in a square outside an old gothic church and our tour guide told us to wait because Prince Charles was inside. We didn’t believe him, but then, all of a sudden, the doors opened and he came straight over to talk to us and chat about what we were doing there.

“Apparently someone had told him there was a group of English tourists outside and he was happy to chat and have photos taken. It was like talking to an old friend, he was so relaxed and casual.

“There was no Camilla with him, just a couple of his people.”

Twenty-eight members of the touring club, which has a total membership of more than 100, were part of the visit and the Prince even apologised to the group for holding up their tour of Brasov.

He was accompanied by a Romanian television crew and the chance meeting even made it on to the country’s evening news bulletin.

Mrs Gibson added: “Their media clearly knew he was there. They interviewed me for TV and we were all there standing in the background of the pictures when he came out of the church.

“There were no other English people there and Charles was chatting away, so he must be fluent in Romanian. It’s strange what you learn about people.”