A COUNCIL blunder, which allowed motorists to drive through new speed bumps without slowing, has now been rectified – to residents’ joy.

Three pairs of speed bumps were laid in Westborough Road, Westcliff, in March after calls from Lib Dem ward councillor Paul Collins and residents for action to slow traffic.

The cushions were accompanied by a 20mph speed limit, but the bumps were placed too far apart, allowing cars to drive through without slowing.

With backing from Westborough Community Association, Mr Collins raised the issue with Southend Council and contractors have now extended the bumps, forcing motorists to slow. He said: “I am pleased the council responded promptly to concerns about errors in installation.”

Association chairman Peter Zanchi has supported Mr Collins, who surveyed residents in his ward last year to ask what traffic calming measures they preferred. Mr Zanchi said: “It is a very good result. I drove down there previously and the speed bumps were useless.” The council has also installed guard rails at a zebra crossing in Fairfax Drive, at the junction with Fairmead Avenue, after complaints motorists were parking on zigzag lines and causing an obstruction.

Mr Zanchi added: “It was a danger, reducing visibility when people wanted to cross the road. Again, we are pleased something has been done about it.”

A council spokesman said: “The contractor installed speed cushions as per drawings we provided. The error was in the drawings. We apologise for this and any inconvenience caused.

"Work to rectify the speed cushions took one day and was done within the original work cost of £550 per cushion.’’

Of the railings, the council’s Cheryl Hindle-Terry said: “We are always happy to listen to ideas and feedback from the community. We are pleased the railings have been welcomed by residents.’’