ANGRY residents have been told to fix their road themselves for a second time, despite developers digging it up to build new homes.

People living in Thorpe Road, Hawkwell, have made several complaints to David Wilson Homes about the state of their road and surrounding grass verges.

The firmhas been doing work on its Clements Gate development nearby and has dug up an unmade part of Thorpe Road four times since last summer.

Residents want the developer to repair it, but have been told to do it themselves if they want it fixed.

Carol Dutton, 67, said: “We repaired the road last summer. I’m 67 and my neighbour is 70, it nearly killed us.

“It has been a shock the way they have left the road. It is not good enough.

“It has been life-changing for us, we cannot access our road and the constant noise and dust has been unbearable.”

The residents’ repairs to the road last summer were done with materials provided by David Wilson Homes, and the developers have offered them similar materials this spring.

The company has refused to fix the road themselves as it says not all residents wish the unmade road to be paved, thinking it will encourage more cars to use it as a cut-through.

A statement from the developers said: “We engaged extensively with local residents during the planning stages for Clements Gate, offering to pave the unmade end of Thorpe Road and this offer was declined.

“A fewmonths ago a number of residents asked us to repair this road after it was felt that our construction activity had exasperated the existing potholes.

“This bit of Thorpe Road is publicly owned, but privately maintained, so before DWH can carry out any works, consent must be given from all of the roads residents.

“David Wilson Homes provided the material so residents could carry out the improvements as they see fit and we are very happy to do so again.”

John Mason, Independent councillor for Hawkwell West, said the developers should repair the road themselves.

He said: “The residents have already made the road once because they respected the situation. But now the developer’s contractors have broken it up again they don’t have a moral leg to stand on, David Wilson Homes should repair it themselves.”