A WOMAN, aged 84, was bitten by a dog while out walking her Yorkshire Terrier on Southend’s Woodgrange estate.

Joan Bowyer, from Shoebury, and her 11-year-old Yorkshire terrier Whitney were attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier in Pierrot Steps, Kursaal Way.

Joan had been visiting her daughter Alison and was bitten on the hand while her dog needed a trip to the vets.

It was a rare trip out for Mrs Bowyer who has been housebound recently through illness.

She said: “People should be warned about this dog.

“A lot of people take their kids and dogs to play on the green. It could kill them.

“We had just got out the door and the dog jumped on her.

“Whitney is hurt pretty badly.

"She had no chance against a big staffie. She just keeps sitting in the corner shaking. Since I lost my husband she’s my only companion.

"The owner just thought it was a joke.”

The attack happened shortly after noon on the green outside Alison’s flat on Tuesday.

Alison said: “I think the dog should be destroyed. It just came running round the corner.

“It was fairly obvious it had been let out to go to the toilet as it would’ve had to get through two metal doors otherwise – but the owner did not want to know.

“It was not on a lead and there are notices saying the owner of any dog not on a lead will be prosecuted.”