A WHOPPING 25 bombs from the Second World War shook Shoebury today after being reported by a member of the public.

A spokesman for Southend Coastguard said the mortar shells were reported yesterday morning by a bait digger on East Beach before controlled explosions were made at about noon.

Two explosions of Second World War shells had already taken place in Westcliff on Friday after another sweep on March 3.

A member of the coastguard tweeted “Just been tasked to yet more WW2 ordinance at Westcliff” on March 3 before again taking to Twitter on Friday to say “Tasked to even more WW2 ordinance at Westcliff, meeting Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) this morning to detonate them.”

The blasts are often heard for miles and, in January, Southend residents described feeling their floors shake during a controlled explosion.

The Echo reported in October last year of a proposed Royal Navy plan to mine-sweep the Southend seafront.

The bomb squad has been called to approximately 300 items of ordnance Southend since 2008. The idea of the mine-sweep would be to remove all unexploded bombs and detonate them in one go to save time and money on callouts.