FRIENDS and family are dusting off their walking boots to raise funds for Havens Hospice, which cared for them during the most heart-breaking year of their lives.

Sue Burrett, 50, from Leigh, and 16 friends and family are taking part in the “Havens to Havens” ten-mile walk on April 27.

For the family, the walk will remember and celebrate the life of Sue’s mum, Patricia Thompson, and sister-in-law, Pat Burrett.

Both Patricia and Pat, who were born on the same day – July 1 – died of ovarian cancer just four months apart last year.

Sue said: “They had so much in common and were so close, they were always the first ones up dancing at a party.

“Mummy was unwell for about a year, but the doctors kept fobbing her off.

“She was getting back pain, bloating and aching in her stomach.

“She would say to them ‘I knowmy body’ but they didn’t listen.”

On September 24 2011, the day after Sue and her husband Kenny got married, Patricia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

She soon moved in with her daughter and began having chemotherapy.

Sue added: “The cancer had already gone into the worst stage.

“But she never lost her energy, she was so lively all the time.

“She loved life and really lived it and she had so many friends, it was unbelievable.”

In November, Sue’s sister-inlaw, Pat, was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer and began a 13-week programme of chemotherapy.

Sue said: “All of Pat’s and Mum’s symptoms were the same and they really helped each other through it all.”

Patricia began to deteriorate and in May 2013 she went to Fair Havens Hospice in Westcliff. Sue said: “As soon as we arrived at the doors I just felt all my worries lift – I knew she’d be all right.

“I thought a hospice would be a really depressing place, but it was just fantastic. They did everything for her and us.”

Patricia was 68 years old when she died at the hospice on May 18, last year.

Pat Burrett was nursed at home with the aid of a special bed, oxygen and nurses from Fair Havens.

She died at home on September 16, last year, aged 60, ten months after being diagnosed.

Keith said: “They were angels, the nurses were so special to us.

“I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the hospice nurses.

“We had three nights before Pat passed away with all of her family with her.

“There is a big gap in my heart now, and forever more.”