RESIDENTS worked together to clear up an alleyway which had become a dumping ground for rubbish.

Paul Collins, Lib Dem councillor for Westborough, and resident David Webb organised Saturday’s community alleyway clearance at the top of Northview Drive, Westcliff.

A team of ten volunteers worked for several hours, clearing heaps of rubbish, including several old mattresses and two sofas from the alleyway, by the Seventh Day Adventist Church,.

Mr Collins said: “For the past two months this has become a real eyesore, but because it’s on private land, there is little the council can do. The alleyway is quite wide, because it services several shops, so it’s just been accumulating old furniture and rubbish, which has been really unpleasant.

“I decided to get everyone together.

It was really successful and we managed to take it all to the pavement and get it cleared, which is great.”