THREE superhero mums have joined forces to raise vital funds for local charities.

Wonder Woman Hayley Black, Bat Girl Helen Tree, and Super Girl Lisa Jones, all from Canvey, started running as a trio last November.

Hayley, 40, said: “I’d started doing the odd sponsored race to raise money for charity.

“I knew Lisa liked running, so I asked her to do an obstacle course with me, but she wasn’t sure if she could afford to do it at the time. She went out for a run and found £20 on the ground which she was certain was a sign.

“After that, Helen said she’d like to do it and we’ve all been addicted ever since!”

Hayley has had cancer, suffered four ectopic pregnancies and had six failed IVF treatments, before giving birth to identical twins, Kai, 9, and Cory, who was stillborn.

Their costumes were inspired by a nickname given to Hayley for her positive outlook on life after all her trials.

She said: “I started off as Wonder Woman, because that’s what people would call me after everything I’d been through. I just laugh my way through life because to me, life is short and it’s about what you make it.”

Hayley is not the only one in the group to suffer hardship – Lisa’s mum survived Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease when Lisa was a baby and sadly lost her battle with lung cancer in 2006.

Helen, 39, takes part to give something back to the charities which have supported her eldest daughter, Leia, who suffers from a rare chromosome disorder.

The trio have set up a Facebook page called Super Hero Mums, where they raise awareness of local charities and keep fans up to date with their challenges.

Lisa said: “We’re using the power of Facebook for good, to do anything we can to spread the word of these amazing charities.

“It’s become a passion really, and I know mum would be so proud of what we’re doing.”

Hayley added: “We’re all best friends and we just want to show people that if us three can do it, then anyone can, and inspire people to raise awareness for the charities, as well as money.

“There’s no stopping us now.

We’re always just looking to what we want to do next!”

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