FILM crews set up camp in Southend for an episode of the Channel 4 TV series, Double Your House for Half the Money.

The show, hosted by property developer and presenter Sarah Beeny, shows families how to double the space in their homes for half the cost of trading up to a bigger property by using extensions and conversions.

It visited the area to film an episode in Southend town centre yesterday afternoon.

It featured couple Claire Woods and Ian Jeffries, from Chelmsford.

The crew had planned to shoot by Pier Hill Elevator, on Southend seafront, but due to the adverse weather they moved on to their second location, the Forum, in Elmer Square.

Sarah Beeny said of her visit to Southend: “It’s great being here. The Forum is an amazing place. It makes me want to go to university here!

“It’s an inspiring place to learn and I think the students who study here are very fortunate.”

Director Max Barbor explained why the Forum was chosen as a venue.

He said: “We do a little part in each show called an inspirational visit. The family in this episode want to do something interesting with lighting in their kitchen, and because it’s a multi-generational family they all have lots of ideas on how it should look.”

Derek Jarvis, Southend councillor for culture and tourism, said: “I’m delighted when Southend is used for filming, and it’s something we try to encourage.”

The series is due to be aired from August.