A MURDER trial is finally due to take place almost two years after a Leigh woman was killed in the Caribbean.

Police have been investigating the suspicious death of Lianne Burns, known as Lee, who was found dead on the tiny island of St Martin. S

he had been working there as a tourist guide, when her body was found at her home on April 28, 2011.

Initial police investigations indicated she had been strangled. Her grieving family have been alerted that the trial is set to go ahead on February 28.

Her half-sister Kim Spooner, 34, from London, said: “Almost two years on, we have received notice of trial. “

I will be flying out to Guadeloupe to attend on behalf of my family in the UK and will be joined by my sister who lives in Hong Kong.”

Lee, aged 43, moved to the island in 1999 but had returned to visit friends and family in Leigh every year. She attended Eastwood Infant, Junior and High Schools, before working as a fitness instructor in Southend.

Speaking to the Echo after her death, Kim had said they heard it had been a “senseless act” by a man well known to Lee.