STUDENT librarians are helping to run a school’s new library.

The Eastwood Academy unveiled its new library where pupils are helping with the day-to-day running, recommending books for younger readers and suggesting new volumes.

Tom Keenan, head of English, said: “It’s vital to get young people reading for enjoyment, and that’s the aim of this library. “It’s first and foremost a place for pupils to become passionate about reading and we hope it becomes a place for young people to discover books that will change their lives forever.”

More than 100 books were borrowed from the library in the first week, with the Hunger Games, Twilight and Diary of a Wimpy Kid flying off the shelves.

To celebrate the new library, the Eastwood Reading Challenge has been launched, where pupils are challenged to read books that not only meet their reading age, but to read books up to two and three years above, with prizes for top reviews.