TORY Nick Alston has been voted Essex's first police and crime commissioner following a nail-biting count.

Mr Alston polled 51,325 votes and was in first place, with Independent Mick Thwaites in second place, polling 40,312 votes.

But because Mr Alston failed to get 50 per cent of the vote, second preference votes were counted.

In the end, Mr Alston was declared winner.

Mr Alston polled 62,350 and Mr Thwaites received 58,664.

Mr Thwaites said: “I am obviously very sorry I have missed out on becoming the first Essex Police and Crime Commissioner.

"I’d like to thank everyone who did vote for me, and also I’d like to give special thanks to all my family, friends and supporters who have worked tirelessly to help me in my election campaign.”

He added “I’d like to wish Nick Alston all success as the first elected Essex Police and Crime Commissioner and hope they can use their position to put the voice of the people of Essex back at the heart of policing.

"I will now be taking some time to recover from the campaign trail and consider my future.”

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