AMUM who set up her own nursery after struggling to find childcare is leading the celebrations for its 30th birthday.

Myra Argentieri started the ABC Rainbow Day Nursery in Rayleigh in 1984 after struggling to find a place for her two sons to go when she went back to work. The nursery has expanded to open a branch inWestcliff.

Mrs Argentieri, 56, said: “It has been quite a journey and I have enjoyed every minute.

“It was quite an adventure at the time, I was only 26.

“When I started there wasn’t even the Children’s Act, we only had social services and there was very little bureaucracy and paperwork, that has been the biggest change.

“The only regret is that I did not write down all the things the children have said that made me laugh, it would have made a lovely book.”

Mrs Argentieri, who has four sons, has put together an exhibition about how things have changed over the past 30 years, such as police and paramedic uniforms.

On Saturday she hosted a birthday party for staff, children and parents from all the years it has been open.