NEIGHBOURS are furious after learning of plans to build on land by their homes they thought had been given to the community in the Fifties.

People with homes near the land, between Copford Avenue and Brocksford Avenue, Rayleigh, are gearing up to oppose plans to build six chalet bungalows on the site.

Rochford Council is behind the plans and says the homes would help tackle housing shortages in the area.

However the proposal has attracted 30 letters of objections from neighbours who say building six homes there amounts to overdevelopment.

Stephen Mates, of Brocksford Avenue, said: “The residents were under the impression the land was gifted to the community by Wiggins Builders when it built our houses, back in the Fifties.

“The council has taken ownership of the land without telling anybody and now has this application in.

“It told the people immediately next to the land about the application, but that’s only ten or 12 houses. This affects many more than that.”

Carol Gwynn, 61, of Copford Avenue, said: “To find out without the council letting anybody know what they want to do is wrong. It should have informed the residents around the area.

“Six buildings is complete overdevelopment. It is a community patch of land and it would be a shame to put something on there which is completely out of character with the surrounding bungalows.”

Rayleigh Town Council also objects to the plans, which are due to be discussed at the district council’s development committee committee on September 25.

The town council is opposing the plans on the grounds of overdevelopment, a lack of parking spaces and the fact it would deprive the area of amenity land.

The Government ordered Rochford Council to earmark sites for 2,785 homes to be built on green belt land between now and 2021 to meet official targets.

A council spokesman said: “This site has been identified in the council’s asset disposal programme and has the potential to make a contribution to the housing needs of the district.”