CAMERAS have finally been put up in a bid to end resident anger over cars racing around a road on Canvey.

Residents near Roscommon Way have been putting up with noise from boy racers for two years.

But now it is hoped the two CCTV cameras will act as a deterrent, or lead to drivers being prosecuted.

The cameras, costing £5,000 each, have been installed by Castle Point Council and paid for by Essex County Council highways.

The CTV had been on the cards for eight months, but was delayed by health and safety red tape.

Ray Howard, county councillor for Canvey, said: “I’m delighted this is happening and hope it will end the unpleasantness which has been bothering residents.

“I know they have been suffering and am entirely sympathetic to the fact they often cannot sleep.

“Hopefully, with the police, we can stop this from continuing to happen.’’ Billy Baxter, 26, who lives nearby, welcomed the cameras, but thought it might take a while for them to have any effect.

He said: “Unfortunately, I don’t think boy racers are the smartest of people. I mean, who races along a road at night, destroying their tyres and engines for fun?

“I think they will probably go on for a bit until they start receiving fines, or will just move and race around near CanveyWay, or even Haven Road, which is a straight long road, but is really close to homes. ”

Residents were told in January cameras would be installed in Roscommon Way, but a health and safety survey had to be carried out after concerns lamp posts would not be able to support their weight.

The survey came back in August saying they were safe enough, paving the way for the cameras.