TWO daredevils jumped from a plane to mark the 30th birthday of a friend and popular primary school teacher who died from an acute asthma attack.

Louise Carey, a teacher at Eastwood Primary School, passed away in December last year.

Lifelong friends Susan English and Deborah Connell, both 30 and from Rochford, decided to mark Louise’s birthday by raising money for Asthma UK and Deborah came up with the idea of a skydive.

Through the skydive and a series of other events, including a curry night at Regency Spice, Rochford, which raised £900, the pair have more than doubled their £2,000 fundraising target.

Susan said: “We absolutely adored Louise, she was our best friend, always there for us and one of the nicest people.

“We still can’t believe she’s gone, but we wanted to raise money for Asthma UK and awareness about the condition as so many people don’t know it can kill.

“The skydive was brilliant.

It was nerve wracking, but we enjoyed it and we will always have something to remember her 30th birthday by now.”

Susan lived two doors down from Louise as a child and they went to Doggetts Primary School together, where they met Deborah. They then attended King Edmund School.

Louise became a teacher in adult life and her former pupils at Eastwood Primary School also contributed to the fundraising, joining Wyburns Primary School in a non-uniform day.

Susan added: “Another friend of ours will be doing a wing walk in Louise’s memory around her birthday next year as well.We want to do something every year to mark her birthday.

“We have to say a massive thank you to Louise’s mum for help with the charity events.”

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