A COUPLE are desperately searching for a wedding ring after losing it on the beach.

Dominic Brasted, 50, of Alleyn Place, Westcliff, had finished an open water swim with the Chalkwell Redcaps on Saturday, May 31. When he returned to the beach he felt it fall off, but has not been able to find it.

He was swimming between the Arches and Toulouse Restaurant on Western Esplanade and was next to a yellow emergency phone.

Having been back to the scene several times, even with a metal detector, Dominic and his wife Charlie, 39, are appealing to see if anyone may have picked up the ring – a plain gold band.

Mrs Brasted said: “After a very challenging year we are both very upset to have lost the ring and it would mean a great deal to us to have it back.

“I know it is a very long shot, but if anyone has picked it up or found it then we would be so grateful and happy to be reunited with it.”

If you have seen or found the ring, contact the Echo on echonews@nqe.com, or 01702 321159.