THE FUTURE of Hadleigh’s derelict John H Burrows Hall is still undecided – two years after it closed.

Asbestos in the building means demolishing it could cost nearly £100,000, according to a report commissioned by Castle Point councillors Bill Sharp and Tom Skipp.

However, to repair the hall and bring it back into public use would cost four times as much, while modernising it and making it energy-efficient could cost £770,500.

The study suggested the cheapest option would to pull down the hall and grass it over. That would cost £86,700 – or £98,000 if the area was given a hard surface.

A report to the council says “On balance, the only financially viable option is to demolish it, return the area to grass and enter into an agreement with the cricket club to secure public access to short and long-term toilet and changing facilities.”

Mr Sharp told fellow councillors: “We are asking you to see the costs of demolishing or redeveloping, and whether it should go to a policy and scrutiny committee.

We would like it to go to a committee to give it a real in-depth investigation.”

Senior councillors agreed to do this.

They also agreed to make a one-off payment of £3,000 to Hadleigh and Thundersley Cricket Club so its toilets could be made available park users.

The money will pay for them to be refurbished and made accessible to disabled people.