EAST Beach has been reopened again after an unexploded bomb was detonated.

Workmen were reopening the Shoebury beauty spot, which has been closed since live explosives were found at the end of April, when another item of unexploded ordnance was spotted earlier today.

Southend Council has hired private firm Bactec to conduct regular visual checks for unexploded shells to improve safety at the beach after 15 artillery and mortar shells and a dozen machines guns were found there in a fortnight.

Today was the first chance for the firm to check the beach and contractors spotted the device just as workmen were taking down fences.

The beach was immediately closed as the bomb squad disposed for the ordnance with a controlled explosion and the beach has just been reopened.

The Royal Navy Southern Diving Group spent two days scouring the beach to asses the risk earlier this month.

The new ordnance is believed to have washed up in the three weeks since the survey.

Speaking on Friday, deputy council leader Graham Longley said: “Following the meeting with the MoD on Tuesday, and in preparation for the re-opening of East Beach this weekend, a specialist company were employed to carry out a visual scan of the licensed area today.

“A visual scan is one of the mitigation measures being put in place as part of a new risk assessment framework agreed with the MoD.

“The scan carried out today has identified one item of unexploded ordnance within the licensed area. The ordnance is being dealt with this afternoon and as soon as this has been done, the fencing will be removed and the beach re-opened, with the new temporary signage in place.

“As part of the mitigation measures recommended by the MOD, and agreed by the council, visual scans will be carried out regularly. Should any future scans results in ordnance being found, then these will be dealt with as per our risk assessment framework and agreed procedures.”