INTERNATIONAL delegates, including Professor Germaine Greer, have been discussing the best ways to preserve, promote and develop green spaces for everyone in Southend.

They attended the MaxiGreen Raising Public Awareness conference in Southend, with Prof Greer giving the keynote speech.

The conference was part of the MaxiGreen project, which began in September 2011.

It has contributed to the Belfairs Woodland Centre, which includes initiatives for sustainable access, education opportunities and inspiring artwork.

Prof Greer spoke at the conference about how, during her career, she has successfully highlighted important issues about wildlife and the environment.

Discussions among the 80 delegates included how to make people more aware of the town’s green heritage and key environmental issues, with workshops on communication and publicity.

Graham Longley, Southend councillor responsible for enterprise, tourism and economic development, said: “Delegates were able to meet, share information with, and learn from representatives of a range of European countries.

“They were all united by the common goal of improving and developing green spaces for the benefit of all.

“A significant outcome in Southend of the MaxiGreen project has been the thriving Belfairs Woodland Centre.”