SHOEBURY East Beach could reopen this weekend after a Military dig uncovered no more explosives.

Southend Council hopes to reopen the beach, which was closed after 13 mortar and arillery shells and a dozen machine guns were uncovered at the end of April, after the MoD finished a two-day survey of the area.

A joint statement from the council and MoD said: “During the recent two-day explosive ordnance reconnaissance undertaken by the Royal Navy Southern Diving Group, 130 metallic items were excavated and classified, none were found to be ordnance or ordnance-related items.

“Two items of ordnance were found on the surface during a separate visual search. These were made safe through a controlled explosion and disposed of by the EOD team.

“Following this work, the Ministry of Defence provided the council with an assessment of the work and information to enable it to complete a risk assessment for the area of East Beach licensed from MOD.

“The council will now carry out its risk assessment and produce a programme of mitigation measures that will allow the beach to be re-opened as soon as practicable. Mitigation measures recommended by MOD and agreed by the council will include installation of permanent warning signs, marker buoys to identify the licensed area and additional awareness training of relevant resort and other council staff and contractors.

“To enable the beach to be re-opened quickly, we will be producing temporary signage ahead of the permanent measures being put in place. As soon as this signage is ready, the fences will be removed and the beach re-opened. The council anticipates this work will take place by the end of the week.

“There remains potential for ordnance to be found at East Beach in the future. However, we are content that, following the reconnaissance operation and with the mitigation measures that will be put in place, the risk will be appropriately managed. The public are reminded that surrounding MoD beaches remain out of bounds.”