A GRANDMOTHER was left bleeding and her daughter's dog nearly died after another animal launched a vicious seafront attack.

Nikki Swan, 52, also suffered bruising to her face after the attack, by a large alsatian-type dog on Southend seafront.

Her daughter's sausage dog Poppy nearly died when she was grabbed by the throat and dragged, and Mrs Swan feared her one-year-old grandson Oliver, who was in his pushchair just minutes before, could also have been attacked.

The incident played out in front of crowds of people watching the Southend Half Marathon, where Mrs Swan was cheering her daughters on.

She said: “It was awful. I was screaming and Poppy was yelping. Oliver was crying his eyes out.

“It could easily have been my grandson it attacked. The bite had just missed Poppy’s windpipe, so she was lucky not to have died.”

Poppy needed veterinary treatment costing £500 to her wound.

Mrs Swan, from Harpendon, Hertfordshire, was in Southend for the first time. Although shaken by her bad experience, she was also amazed by the help she received from bystanders.

She said: “I would like to thank them all for their concern as I was quite stunned. Two particular ladies were absolutely lovely, holding my dog while I calmed my grandson and fetching some antiseptic from a chemist. They stayed with me for quite a while after to make sure I was OK.

“I am always amazed how irresponsible some dog owners are. To have such a dog out where there were so many people, children and other dogs without it being muzzled is appalling.

“I hope if that man reads this article, he will take steps to ensure his dog is muzzled at all times now. I believe he had his own four-year-old with him who must have been very frightened by the incident too and is obviously at risk by such an unpredictable dog.”

The incident was reported to the police who said they would be checking CCTV. Anyone with information about the dog attack, which happened on June 8, can call police on 101.