THIS terrible holiday snap was only good enough to finish second in Britain’s Worst Holiday Photographer competition.

Darryl Green, 24, from Rayleigh, picked up the dubious honour from money saving holiday site Cheap after entering it on a whim.

The photo was actually taken by family friend Harry Walker, also from Rayleigh, while they were on holiday in Majorca and was supposed to be a rare family snapshot.

Darryl said: “We don’t all get together very often, so this was a chance to get a great photo of the family together. However, Harry managed to hide my dad behind a massive leaf.

“He convinced us he had each and every one of us in shot, too.”

Harry, 19, said: “Basically Darryl’s dad, Tim, was taking all the photos on that holiday, so he wasn’t in any of them.

“He was getting really annoyed, so I said I would take a photo of them all together.

“As I was taking the picture, Tim asked if I was sure I could see him and I just said ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s fine’ but he was behind the palm leaves.

It was hilarious.”

Steve Barnes, from, said: “Darryl was a worthy runner up. The photo he sent in was terrible and one of those shots we've all taken hundreds of times, but deleted rather than kept.

“Mistakes like this always seem to happen when people are taking pictures that really mean something.”